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First track meet-

is Saturday and it starts at 8:30. I’m pretty excited. Even though I’m only in the open 800-mile. I’m not sure why I didn’t get put into an actual event, I’m not great but my times were definitely better than some of the girls chosen and my running buddy, who’s a bit slower than me, got into two events. Maybe there were problems with recording the times because it also said her mile was two minutes shorter than it really was. Either way, it’s nice to be on a team. My ripped muscle in my foot is getting better with the wrap and ice baths, so I’m going to try to run tomorrow morning with coach and some of the team. I did all twelve 300s today and I think I’m getting better. At least I don’t bail out after only a few of them like half the team. I love the jerseys- we got them today. I’m number 10.